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0800 Numbers For Tracking Advertisements

Research and assessment of the operation of an advertising campaign is critical to the success of any business but it can prove to be a costly activity if carried out by a “trial and error” approach. This post looks at an accurate method of quantifying the success of your marketing efforts.

How many of us have given in under pressure from a commission starving representative to an advertising sales solicitation and then lived to regret our conclusion?

Where your marketing efforts are succeeding understanding with precision is an important step towards the profitability of a business.

Picture having the info at your fingertips that lets you know precisely which are neglecting and which adverts are working and thus wasting your marketing budget.

This is all achievable by the use of 0800 numbers.

Just how it works is easy. Companies need to assign number that is unique 0800 to each person advert and then pick the data that they will be given to by any reputable telecoms provider.

If you use a free 0800 number in a advert when you analyze your call data then and it does not appear anywhere else in the world then at the end of the month, you’ll know with 100% precision how many enquiries your advert has created. Your invoice is typically accompanied by the call data but it may also be accessible online.